Covid-19 update

People aged 34+ are invited to book their vaccinations online or by calling 119. Everyone under 39 will be offered Moderna or Pfizer as a preference but can opt to have AstraZeneca, whereas people 30 and under will only be offered Moderna or Pfizer when the time comes.


People in priority cohorts 1-9 (50+ or with underlying conditions) may be able to have their second doses after 8 weeks instead of 12 weeks:

  1. If they are booked in for their second dose via the national booking service, they can now attempt to book an earlier second dose; they do not have to wait to receive an invitation. Please note that people must cancel their original appointment via the national booking service before they can see available appointments or book an earlier appointment. They may not be able to re-book their second dose at the same location, and may end up having to travel further as a result. If people do not want to risk travelling further, they should retain their current 12-week appointment.
  2. GPs are contacting those who have 12-week appointments booked at their sites from June to look at bringing them forward.


FAQs about the national booking service:

  1. Locations that don’t have available appointments are not listed, but appointment availability does change, so if people want a particular location but it isn’t listed, they should try again later.
  2. You can search for locations outside of your local area. So, for people like university students who may be registered elsewhere but wish to book a vaccine locally, they should be able to do so by providing a postcode of the area for which they would like to see appointments.
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