Update 17 August 2018

More data added for speeds in Nosterfield End and Main Street.

You may have seen a “Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign” (MVAS) at work in various locations in Shudy Camps and Nosterfield End.  Two of these devices have been jointly purchased by 8 local Parish Councils, who share them on a round robin.  We get the use of one for 10 weeks a year and it has been deployed since mid May until early June.  As well as signalling to drivers what speed they are doing, it also gathers speed statistics so we have evidence to justify additional reduction measures and/or better enforcement.  It is not a “speed camera” and the data collected is anonymous.

Initial results show that the existing speed limits are observed by 50% or less of drivers.  Even in the 30 mph limit area at Carsey Hill, speeds up to 58 mph have been seen from vehicles travelling down New Road.  In Nosterfield End, whose residents are very aware of speeding through the 40 mph limit, speeds of 53 mph eastbound and 58 mph westbound have been measured.  The speed statistics are published on this website under “documents” and will be kept up to date as we gather more data.  You can see the first summary here .  Note that the signs pick up cyclists and pedestrians as well as vehicles and this slightly distorts the numbers at low speeds – but if anything this means that the proportions of higher speed vehicles are actually higher than indicated.

If there are locations where you are especially concerned about speeding, please contact us and we will do our best to monitor speed there when we next have the device.

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