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  • Annie Elsworth

    Re; Street Lighting . Hi Liz, I’d like to report that the light outside October House & perhaps opposite number 4 Main Street. is not working.
    I know I reported to you in the past that one wasn’t working & you kindly sorted it out for us. Thanks for that. I know we don’t have many
    lights in Shudy, but when one is faulty the street becomes very dark.
    Thanking you in advance. Best Regards Annie Elsworth, Milcote, Main Street, Shudy Camps.

  • Annie Elsworth

    Hello Liz. Can I inform you of a Main Street, Shudy Camps street light that is faulty & isn’t working. Its outside October House & directly opposite No 4 Main Street.
    It’s very dark in that area without it & we have so few in the village.
    You’ve sorted out a previous request abt lighting, so I’m hoping you can do the same, or direct the request to the appropriate dept.
    Thanks & regards Annie Elsworth, Milcote, Main St., Shudy Camps

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