Shudy Camps shares two “Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs” – MVAS –  on a rota with 7 other Cambridgeshire parishes.  These can be mounted on handy brackets fixed to various speed limit and other posts, and indicate vehicle speed to drivers, flashing if over the local speed limit.  They also log speed data through the village to help make the case for more enforcement or changes to the limits.  The Parish Council wants to expand the team looking after this activity and one or more volunteers are sought to help.  Activities could include:

  • Collecting the sign from the previous parish in the rota as needed about every 4 – 5 weeks
  • Programming the sign for the locations for deployment in the Paarish
  • Mounting the sign and keeping an eye on it
  • Downloading data from the sign and doing simple analysis to extract statistics
  • Recovering the sign, erasing data and recharging ready for the next Parish.

If you are interested in helping please contact the Clerk or Cllr. John Haine through the contact details given on this website.

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